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The B!G Intern program has been designed to expose you to the internal workings of a successful marketing services business whilst you continue to complete your studies.


We'll harness your influence and present interesting opportunities in practical terms which will also add a new dynamic during your learning stage.

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Brand Influence Group is a business which thrives on the development and growth of young individuals.

As a result, we have developed an official Internship Program which engages and employs University Students during their study, putting them on a path of fast-paced and meaningful on the job training. 

Our interns are exposed to daily client & management experiences and provided with the mentoring and guidance to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life business challenges.

Working at B!G exposes you to a variety of areas within FMCG & field marketing, and is a hands-on learning experience with people who are passionate, knowledgeable and deliver world-class service.


This is an opportunity that you wouldn’t get just by reading the textbook

Claire, Marketing Intern

The Internship


Each week, an Influencer Intern will be head office based and work on either a Greenhouse Project or urgent business requirement.


A Greenhouse Project stems from an intriguing idea, which we need cultivated, blossomed and groomed. An Influencer Intern has the desire to figure out how to make it work.


You will grow the seed of an idea into a full-blown plan or have created an even better set of alternative plans in its stead.


You will work with tenured Influencers (Account Managers, Account Executives, Senior Accountants, Human Resources to name a few) to get your plan into action.

Being an intern at B!G is an extremely rewarding experience. You are exposed to different areas of a business from sales to operations, which really gives you the experience you need to kick start your career.


Not only is the experience you gain rewarding, but working with a great group of people who are both equally supportive of you and your growth!

Daniella, National Account Manager

Influencer Qualities


In addition to aptitude and cleverness, we expect our Interns to actively demonstrate the following qualities throughout their Influencer Internship at B!G:


Honesty and a genuine authentic nature


Diligence and commitment to learning


Eagerness to receive feedback and drive own learnings 


Energy to do any task and any time


Flexibility and malleability to allow us to mould them into strong working professionals


Leadership potential through sheer initiative


Creativity and idea generation

Interning with B!G was an amazing kick start to my career! The B!G Team truely invest and value their interns through exposing you to all aspects of the business; whether it be sitting with Senior Leadership Team, Finance, HR, Operations, or working closely with projects with National Account Managers.


You are given every opportunity to explore your passions within the FMCG industry and are encouraged to follow your own personal pathway

Ryan, Business Analyst

High Performance


High performance will be recognised and rewarded at B!G.

The more you Influence, the more Influencer Reward Points you will earn.


On a monthly basis, you will be asked to present back to the business a project update; successes to date, barriers and challenges, and a plan of attack. Your presentation quality will determine how many points you are allocated; we reward as you go rather than at project completion.


If you are interested in kick-starting your career, kindly APPLY to below and tell us why you are the next B!G thing! 


If you are currently an employee of BRAND INFLUENCE GROUP P/L, the terms of your current employment contract apply.

While I’ve only been at B!G for a short amount of time, it has been a great experience! I have gained hands-on experience within a variety of areas of business which I would not of previously been exposed to. B!G offers you a great amount of opportunities to encourage your learning and development. 


I’ve learnt so much being here and working alongside a supportive team makes the experience even better! 

Tilly, Marketing & HR Intern

The B!G Internship was a great experience for me and I would absolutely recommend it! Everyone at head office was nice and accommodating and the atmosphere is easy going and relaxed. Unlike other internships, the work you do here is important to the ongoing workflow of the merchandisers in the field. For example, the IT internship was a fantastic experience that allowed me to develop a support system for these merchandisers that is now being used company-wide!

Wade, IT Support

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