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CRM Technology

BIG continually invests in technology on the back of informed research into customer requirements and innovation to ensure our infastructure is market leading.


BIG X, our bespoke CRM tool, was born with the need to build towards a digital transformation on how we plan, execute, and report our friend requirements.  In conjunction with Apple and their partners, we have ensured an optimal user experience is at the forefront of our design.


Our CRM tool is integrated from end-to-end.  Every part of our execution journey from initial planning, briefing, execution and reporting all sits within our CRM technology, making it a one-stop execution platform.


Our partnership with Apple also gives us access to unprecedented access to learning and training strategies to support you as we continually evolve into smarter ways of working, designed to drive added value continuously for you. 


Some of the key advantages to the BIG X CRM tool:

  • Complete ownership of our tools and technology

  • Use of Apple’s latest devices

  • Continued collaboration in app development

  • Efficiencies in the user-interface to contribute to stronger ROI

  • Access to apples 2-year roadmap to build for the future

  • Dedicated in-house software team to manage, maintain and develop to your needs and requirements

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